Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arai Vector 2 Helmet

Arai Vector 2 Helmet
Here we have one of the toughest motorcycle helmets on the market today. The Arai Vector 2 Helmet combines a great amount of comfort with simple, sleek design and affordability. Available in a wide range of colors, both bright and low-key, this latest generation of Vector 2 headgear has received a 2011 refresh, and is now capable of switching out face masks and padding.

The SAI visor has been redesigned to provide a wider field of vision. The helmet itself is light weight, but comprised of 5 dense layers, molded together in such a way that it gives every rider wearing a Vector 2 a full safety and durability guarantee. Complex Laminate Construction (CLC) shelling used in this model has been strength testing against the harshest conditions.

An ACF-2 front intake vent includes over-sized openings for better airflow. It's adjustable as well, with built in sliding panel to control just how much air you want in. The brow ventilation system also increases cooling air in the forehead region without exposing the critical forehead area of the helmet's shell or liner material. Vector Helmets not only make you look cool, they keep you feeling that way too!

Basically, the Arai Vector 2 is a vast improvement on an already fantastic helmet. Get yours today!

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