Monday, August 15, 2011

Arai Profile Helmets

Arai Profile Helmets

Don't let bad weather, extreme heat or even the cold get in the way of your riding. With a full face helmet from Arai, you can take on the elements with your cruiser or sports bike. There's various accessories and designs to choose from, including tinted visors and a wide range of padding and ventilation. You'll feel as though you're riding during one of the coolest, calmest spring day.

Arai Profile Helmets are the best bet for riding in all weather conditions. The brow vent faceshield provides cooling air to the forehead area, without weaknesses to that critical region of the shell. A rear exhaust vent adds a 'racy' look, while drawing out hot air from its interior.

Made from Complex Laminate Construction (CLC) fiberglass composite, Arai Profile Helmets are strong and light, while simultaneously providing increased rider comfort. The Free Flow System reduces wind turbulence and increases exhaust of hot air from the facial area.

The Arai Profile line of pre-formed faceshields gives the rider better vision and greater UV ray protection with less distortion. All helmets also include a De-Mist lock tab, which can push forward to open the shield slightly and clear fogging, without endangering the cyclist.

Don't waste another ride using cheap helmets. Check out Arai's Profile line today!

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